November 26, 2022

Tourist boat missing with 26 people overseas in Japan

Published on: Friday, April 29, 2022

A tourist boat that went missing six days ago with 26 people on board was found off the coast of Hokkaido on Friday, the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) said. The 19-ton Kazu I was located after the Maritime Self-Defense Force conducted a search with an underwater camera off the Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido. The name “Kazu I” was confirmed on the boat’s hull, the JCG said.

The bodies of 14 people have been found since contact with the 19-ton boat was lost on April 23 while touring the peninsula.

The boat was found at a depth of around 100 meters near Kashuni Falls, a popular scenic spot near the tip of the peninsula and close to where the boat had made a distress call. Twelve people are still missing.

Quoting a senior Coastguard official, he said the JCG does not have the equipment to search that deep underwater, so they will not be able to immediately check the boat’s condition. The JCG plans to salvage the ship at some point and is now considering how it should proceed.

The Coast Guard also said the Russian Border Security Agency informed them on Wednesday of a body adrift in the water off Hokkaido, west of Kunashiri Island, wearing a life vest. rescue.

Russian authorities said they were unable to recover the body and lost sight of it due to stormy weather, according to the Japanese official.

Kunashiri is one of many disputed islands off Hokkaido. The disputed islands are collectively referred to as the Northern Territories by Tokyo and the Southern Kuriles by Moscow.

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