May 18, 2022

TikTok user stays in $6 hotel in Japan and finds creepy wanted posters

A backpacker who managed to find the cheapest hotel on offer in Japan took to TikTok to point out some of the weirder details.

Would you spend the night at this one star hotel for only $6?

If you’ve traveled on a tight budget, you’ve probably made some interesting discoveries, Escape reported.

A TikToker user has people divided over where to draw the line – even if it’s cheap – after posting a video at a one-star hotel.

While traveling through Japan, TikToker Jesse checked in for the 500 yen-per-night (about $6) stay in Osaka, noting that it has everything from a “great smell” to a stained mattress .

Upon entering, Jesse notices the dodgy bedding, rickety television, and general small size of the room, before heading to the dodgy window.

“The room was equipped with a pillow, a blanket, a stained mattress and a TV,” he said during the visit.

“The room had a weird smell but I couldn’t open the window because it was broken,” he explained.

Adding to his… appeal, he then demonstrated how small the room is, only a few inches above his head when standing and lying down.

The tour ends on a slightly more sinister note, as he makes his way to a chilling find at the entrance to the hotel – a poster of wanted criminals.

The reviews section was split on the hotel, with some claiming it was a bargain, while others said they’d rather pay a little more and stay elsewhere.

“I mean, for $90 a month…I would probably live there,” one person said.

“I would stay there. Too bad there are no mattresses with plastic covers on them. A lot,” one commenter added.

“For a 1 star rated place I can pass up the room,” another wrote. “But the wanted notice is too much.”

This article originally appeared on Escape and has been republished here with permission