December 11, 2022

This Japanese Restaurant Serves Miso Ramen Soup With Ice Cream And It Works Somehow

It’s been rightly said that social media’s love of experimenting with bizarre food combinations is a never-ending story. After witnessing the nightmarish experience of a Surat-based tea vendor brewing tea with apples, bananas and chikoo, a Japanese restaurant is now taking the internet for another outrageous food combination. Once again, social media had to witness the bizarre combination of hot and cold, and sweet and spicy. Recently, an Instagram user, Jesse Ogundiran, shared a video of a Japanese restaurant serving customers Miso Ramen Soup with soft serve ice cream on it. Yes, you read that right. The restaurant named Franken in Osaka Japan serves this unique dish which has amazed netizens. They serve a bowl of hot Japanese ramen topped with a whole ice cream cone, flavored with chocolate and vanilla.

The blogger can be heard in the video saying that the purpose of this bizarre combination is to add creaminess to the spicy soup because of the milk. After tasting this weird fusion dish, which costs $10, the blogger really liked it and said it was a perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

The internet is divided over the video, which has been viewed over 3.4 million times and garnered over 168,000 likes, with some people really ready to try the combination while others weren’t so keen. One user wrote, “I mean people put cheese and/or sugar in their ramen and some people also put ice cream because they can’t stand the heat so I don’t see the issue.” Another wrote: “A must see, hope I get the chance to return to Japan, will add this to my favorite spot.” A third said: “Two of my favorite things! I’ll try.”

The netizens in the comments section were mostly those who thought the makers were stoned when they came up with this strange fusion of two delicious dishes. One person wrote, “They must have amazing weed in Japan.” One user said, “Nah…I don’t want my ramen to be sweet. It looks like a texture nightmare to me, especially the cone. Another wrote: “If it’s not illegal then it should be. A third user wrote: “No. Sorry, but NO thank you. And after? A big slice of birthday cake? Crepes? Donuts? Nonsense.. “Do you want to try Miso Ramen with ice cream?

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