December 11, 2022

The trip from Japan to Hawaii is set to return this summer

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Some airlines have announced an increase in flights between Japan and Hawaii ahead of the summer travel season.

Many companies welcomed this news with open arms as they anticipated the return of Japanese visitors.

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After two years of Japanese travelers pausing their trips to Hawaii, there are signs of a comeback.

HIS Hawaii restarted packages to the islands in early May.

HIS Hawaii Marketing Specialist Daniel Allen said, “It has become much easier for Japanese citizens, especially to return to the country, Japan. So that really stimulated the demand.

Leisure travel to Japan is still not open, but the Japanese government has increased its cap on arrivals for Japanese citizens, students and business travelers to 10,000 per day.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) also announced that its “Flying Honu” service will return twice a week from July 1, with the aircraft capable of carrying more than 500 passengers.

The state’s Department of Business, Economy, Development and Tourism expects more than 165,000 nonstop seats from Japan to Hawaii by July.

Tihati Productions president Afatia Thompson said their luau shows had attracted many Japanese visitors before the pandemic.

Thompson said, “The Japanese market was at least 50% of our bodies that would come to see the shows and experience the luau. We are delighted to bring these tourists back. »

Meanwhile, Aoki Teppanyaki general manager Shinji Ohfuji said he was slowly starting to notice more international visitors at the restaurant.

Ohfuji said, “I just had Golden Week, we also saw Japanese and Korean tourists, but not like before. Gradually we will see more Asian customers.

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Although a boom in the Japanese travel market is not expected, the value of the yen is falling and the cost of flights is rising.