August 12, 2022

Takibi Portland, Japanese Restaurant at Snow Peak USA Headquarters

Meaning bonfire in Japanese, Takibi is a revolutionary restaurant developed by outdoor lifestyle brand, snow peak. Founded in 1958 by Yukio Yamai, the Japanese company sells minimalist, functional and built-to-last climbing, camping and outdoor products, as well as clothing for men and women.

Located at the brand’s US headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Takibi is their first North American restaurant. Led by Chef Cody Auger and inspired by Japan, its changing seasons and the bonds woven around the fire, the place offers a menu rooted in Japanese technique and centered on local seasonal ingredients cooked over an open fire.

Skylab architecture, in partnership with Snow Peak, designed both the interior and exterior, which the former drew inspiration from integrated camping cooking and dining experiences; the open space offering views of the wood-burning fireplace from every angle, reminiscent of Snow Peak’s belief that fire is at the center of every gathering. With guests able to watch what’s going on in the kitchen, a sense of community is achieved.

Natural materials reference Snow Peak’s commitment to minimalist design and are used throughout, with walls clad in bespoke tiles sourced from the kilns of artisan producer Heath Ceramics in San Francisco. Wraparound windows flood the space with natural light, a wooden beam runs the length of the bar and recalls the Jyubako little house from Snow Peak, and the use of greenery and bamboo celebrates the essence of the style. outdoor living.

With an expansive patio for alfresco dining, guests are invited to enjoy Japanese-inspired cuisine through the Pacific Northwest any time of the year. With a companion drink program equally rooted in the generosity of Japan and Oregon, Takibi is the perfect place to celebrate the best of both worlds.


Takibi Portland, Japanese Restaurant at Snow Peak USA Headquarters
Takibi Portland, Japanese Restaurant at Snow Peak USA Headquarters

Takibi Portland Photography, AJ Meeker.