November 26, 2022

MVA organizes familiarization tours for travel agents and media in Japan | Business Section

(MVA) — To attract more visitors from Japan to the Marianas, the Marianas Visitors Authority recently organized a series of familiarization or familiarization tours for Japanese travel agents, media, airline representatives and influencers.

On September 1, 2022, United Airlines began direct flights between Narita and Saipan three times a week. MVA hosted five familiarization tours between August 20 and September 7, 2022 to brief partners on what the Marianas have to offer visitors.

“Familiarization tours remain a very important part of MVA’s marketing strategy in all of our source markets, as they offer attendees the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the destination and better help us promote or sell the destination,” MVA chief executive Priscilla said. Mr. Yakopo. “For Japan, it is particularly important at this time to re-introduce the Marianas to the travel industry and the public, as we have not been marketed since the departure of Delta Air Lines. This familiarization tour program will better position the Marianas as there are now direct non-stop flights from Japan to Saipan. Special thanks to the support of our partner hotels, restaurants and optional tour operators who help support every visit.”

The first travel agent familiarization tour from August 20-24 included representatives from HIS, Rakuten Travel GUM, TP Micronesia Inc., NTA, Meguru Co. Ltd, Trans-world Journey, Eurasia Travel Co, TravelIsland, Adventure Inc. and Lawson Entertainment. Inc.

Eleven popular social media influencers specializing in travel hosted a familiarization tour from August 20-26, sharing with their followers their experiences with skydiving, snorkeling at Grotto, a buggy tour, tours of Rota and Tinian, and more. The tour was managed by Tasi Tours.

The second travel agent familiarization tour from August 27-31 included representatives from JTB, HIS, KNT, Veltra Inc., Hankyu Travel International, Reiwa Travel, JCB Card, JR Tokai Tours Inc., Heart Agency Co. Ltd. , Yamas Japan, Adventures Inc. and TP Micronesia Inc.

A golf familiarization tour was held September 1-4 with representatives from United Airlines, United Tours Co. Ltd. and IACE Travel Corp.

The latest familiarization tour from September 1-7 included media representatives from CREA Traveller, GENIC,, Asahi Newspaper, Travel Voice, Wing Travel, Traicy and United Airlines. The media tour was managed by PDI and covered Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

MVA will promote the Marianas at the Japan Association of Travel Agents Tourism Expo from September 22-25, 2022 in Tokyo.