August 12, 2022

Modern Japanese restaurant ‘SOMA Sushi Bar’ opens in Riyadh

RIYADH – A Japanese restaurant, “SOMA Sushi Bar”, an exciting new contemporary restaurant offering a range of authentic cuisines from this East Asian island country, announced its launch in the Saudi capital on Tuesday evening. Japanese Ambassador Iwai Fumio officially opened the restaurant, designed with the precise needs of the cosmopolitan Saudi market in mind to make a unique and world-class addition to the Kingdom’s ever-evolving dining scene.

As the first brand to be both developed and owned by Dr Syed N. Masood, an Indian entrepreneur, SOMA Sushi Bar is expected to quickly establish itself as a leader in the lifestyle-oriented hospitality industry, with additional locations across the Kingdom slated for 2022 “SOMA Sushi Bar is a new addition to the many Japanese restaurants operating in Saudi Arabia,” Ambassador Fumio said, while expressing his joy at the opening of the new restaurant.

The envoy said that the opening of SOMA Sushi Bar shows that “more and more Saudis love authentic Japanese cuisine.” He noted that the Japanese-Saudi relations are deeply rooted and are gradually developing in different sectors. “We are seeing new developments bilaterally,” added Ambassador Fumio, who expressed his joy after tasting authentic Japanese cuisine at SOMA. The ambassador also donned a Saudi thobe, ghutra and igal on a cap, are presented to him by the hosts of SOMA. On the sidelines of the event, the diplomat also cut the cake to mark the opening of the restaurant. The sparkling ceremony brought together prominent guests including Abdulaziz Al-Mohaideeb and Majida Amir.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Masood, who is also Managing Director of SOMA Sushi Bar, said that “SOMA seeks to offer diners a spectacular culinary journey that reflects the abundant harmony of nature, a profusion of lush flavors. and a range of authentic Japanese cuisine. Dr Masood said the restaurant, located on Uthman Ibn Affan Street in the King Abdullah District of Riyadh, features a chic and striking style dining room with a team of always smiling chefs and waiters.

He said SOMA will expand to other parts of the Kingdom, with some new concepts aligned during 2022. “Our expansion plan, however, will depend on the success of SOMA Sushi Bar,” added Dr Masood, whose business interests range from schools and education to printing, press and hospitality. Referring to the decor and ambiance of the restaurant, he said that its design “fits perfectly into its luxurious environment. SOMA has beautiful and unique spaces, including a modern and elegant main dining room, perfect for any occasion, punctuated with works of art and Japanese symbols ”.

“SOMA brings to Riyadh its new concept and unique style of contemporary Japanese cuisine, ”said Dr Masood. Dr Masood said that SOMA only uses top quality fish and seafood. “Our restaurant team has developed a distinctive style transforming high quality products into modern, balanced and tasty Japanese cuisine,” said the general manager while emphasizing harmony between customers, the environment and the food. Sushi Nigiri and Teppanyaki are at the heart of its menu, in addition to Sashimi, Hand Roll, Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and a special platter.