August 12, 2022

Kyo-Tei, a gourmet Japanese kaiseki restaurant, celebrates its 1st anniversary

Kyo-Tei is located on Sukhumvit Soi 38 in Bangkok’s trendy Thong Lor district.

Bangkok, Thailand – Aquarius International (AQI)a leading travel and hospitality company, celebrates the 1st anniversary of Kyo Tei, a fine dining Japanese restaurant in Thong Lor. A new season card “Early Summer in Kyoto Kamogawa” is presented to mark the occasion.

Kyo-Tei opened in June 2021, delighting customers with its quirky and eye-catching cuisine. The restaurant has a contemporary atmosphere that immerses visitors in natural elements of wood and stone. There is a ‘Ryokan’ in the courtyard, a traditional Japanese inn that invites diners to experience authentic Kaiseki cuisine.

The name Kyo-Tei comes from the word “Kyo” 京 of Kyoto, the imperial capital of Japan where Kaiseki cuisine was created in the 9th century, and “Tei” 亭 which represents a culinary destination.

kyo tei

Kyo-Tei is located on Sukhumvit Soi 38 in Bangkok’s trendy Thong Lor district. The restaurant is divided into a series of distinct spaces, including the sushi counter where diners can watch chefs expertly craft sushi and sashimi, and a bar where talented mixologists shake and stir cocktails. Asian inspired. Upstairs, the Exquisite Bar houses premium whiskeys and sakes. A private Kaiseki Omakase room with just eight seats is ideal for special occasions. An intimate Teppanyaki Room features just six seats surrounding a spectacular teppanyaki grill.

Led by Chief Nishioka Masaki, a Japanese culinary master with three decades of experience, this stylish destination presents kaiseki, teppanyaki and omakase cuisine under one roof. Blending traditional and modern techniques, he optimizes fresh ingredients that change with the seasons to deliver truly extraordinary epicurean journeys.

For the 1st anniversary, the chef unveils his new seasonal menu, “Early Summer in Kyoto Kamogawa”, which focuses on the finest produce from the land and sea, highlighting Motobu Wagyu A5 beef from Okinawa, premium prawns from New Zealand and sublime Japanese seafood such as sea urchin, abalone and blue crab. Processed with exceptional care and precision, these exquisite ingredients are used to create a selection of delicacies that will pay homage to Kyoto.

kyo tei

“We are delighted to invite diners to celebrate Kyo-Tei’s first anniversary. Since opening last year, we have grown to become one of the most exciting places to dine in Bangkok. The local community has really bought into our concept, so we would like to thank them for their support by offering them the opportunity to come with us and discover our new menu. As the world begins to open up again, we look forward to welcoming even more local and international guests at Kyo-Tei in 2022, and for many years to come,” said Edward ChiFounder of Aquarius International.

Kyo-Tei is the flagship of AQ Gourmet & Dine, the F&B arm of Aquarius International, owned by Norcal Thailand, a division of Hong Kong-based Norcal Venture Capital Group Limited (NVC), which has global assets of over one billion US dollars. . The company’s portfolio includes five-star resorts, residences, yacht charters, fine dining restaurants and membership services, all woven together by, its premium and personalized booking platform.