December 11, 2022

Kinpachi Japanese Restaurant Celebrates 41 Years of Good Food and Service | Way of life


The Japanese restaurant KINPACHI in Garapan celebrates today, September 15, its 41st year of serving quality cuisine and commitment to the local community.

Founded in 1980 by Yoshio Kamata and his wife Keiko Kamata, Kinpachi specializes in superb Japanese dishes prepared by highly skilled chefs and cooks and served by friendly customer service staff.

Kinpachi is well known for its fresh sushi, grilled meats, delicious ramen, and crispy tempura, all at reasonable prices.

Among the restaurant’s loyal patrons are many local residents who dine at Kinpachi on special occasions.

Restaurant manager Misako Kamata, daughter of Yoshio and Keiko, said Kinpanchi has served generations of local families for the past four decades.

One of them is the family of Escolastica “Esco” Cabrera whose great-grandchildren continue to frequent Kinpachi.

Carmen Cabrera Pangelinan, the youngest daughter of Escolastica “Esco” Cabrera, congratulates Kinpachi on her 41st birthday, saying it is the “best and most welcoming” restaurant on the island.

“Since then, it has been our usual place to eat in a restaurant. I’ve known Kinpachi since 1984, when I first met the owner, Mr. Kamata. My parents were very close to them and they helped promote local specialties like coconut wine. once they were also selling our rice or potu cakes and the famous apigigi, ”she said.

Today, members of the Cabrera clan still frequent the Japanese restaurant Kinpachi.

Misako Kamata said that despite the challenges of Super Typhoon Yutu and the Covid-19 pandemic, which crippled the tourism industry, Kinpachi continues to cherish its local customers who remain loyal to the restaurant.

“Thank you to all the customers, employees and suppliers who have supported us all these years,” she added.

Kinpachi continues to help maintain the island as an attractive tourist destination by performing monthly cleanings through promoters Paseo De Marianas, also known for their cultural displays.

Over the years, PDM Promoters have sent children to Japan every year to participate in the Awaodori cultural exchange program.

In addition, the Japanese restaurant Kinpachi also provided assistance to the victims of the typhoon and to those affected by the economic hardships caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of its anniversary celebration this year, Kinpachi is hosting an Appreciation Raffle with special prizes for the lucky winners. During the raffle, participants can also take advantage of free crushed ice while waiting for the numbers to be called.

Kinpachi Restaurant is located on Coral Tree Avenue in Garapan. For more information, call 234-6900.