January 14, 2022

Japanese restaurant to open in Inverkeithing next month

A new HOT sushi restaurant will bring a taste of Japan to Inverkeithing when it arrives in town next month.

Koku Shi already has a loyal fan base at Dunfermline, but the franchise is venturing into other parts of West Fife.

Inverkeithing will be the company’s fifth location with restaurants already in Kirkcaldy, Perth and Glasgow as well as Dunfermline.

Koku Shi will take over the space previously occupied by Stephen’s Bakery on High Street and create six jobs for the city.

After falling in love with Japanese cuisine in Poland, Jerzy Urmilowicz and Monika Michalski decided to open their own restaurant in Kirkcaldy.

Their goal is to see the franchise spread across Scotland.

“We hope to open in Inverkeithing in early May with take out food, but there will also be a few small tables and a bar,” Monika told reporters.

“When we were thinking of opening a smaller location, Jerzy came up with the idea of ​​going to Inverkeithing because it’s close to other areas that don’t have anything like it.

“There isn’t a lot of entertainment on the High Street, it will definitely bring some freshness to the area and people will be able to try something new.

“We also have established clients of Inverkeithing who come to our Dunfermline branch and they are delighted that we are closer. ”

Next month will mark the fifth anniversary of the co-owners becoming the first Japanese restaurant to open in Fife.

Koku Shi on Carnegie Drive opened two years ago and is currently undergoing renovations in preparation for an easing of the lockdown on Monday.

They pride themselves on having a diverse menu with ‘something for everyone’ including a unique Highlander menu featuring haggis sushi – a meal they believe to be a world first.

“We’re doing a facelift at Dunfermline right now and it’s going to be modern with a Japanese twist,” added Monika.

“But we want to see if we can also open smaller places.

“From the start, the whole plan was to grow and make it a big chain.

“We know it’s different and that it offers something else that Scotland doesn’t have, but there is also an option for everyone on the menu.

“We hope to have 20 to 30 places across Scotland. Glenrothes, Dundee, St Andrews and Cupar are some of the other options we have in mind for the future.

“There will be six new jobs created at Inverkeithing, but we are working as much as possible with local suppliers.

“We want to work with people who are nearby so that we can help each other.”

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