December 11, 2022

Japanese restaurant TakaHisa opens in Dubai

Much has been said about how industries have experienced massive growth and success, thriving on the relentless drive and passion of the crafty minds, professionals and entrepreneurs who bring growth to the industry. But is it that simple, and can each brand and company chart its own path to success? Well, Aimi Shibuya, a Japanese female entrepreneur and owner of TakaHisa, a recently opened Japanese restaurant in Dubai, says that when individuals, no matter what stage in life they are at, work with perseverance and passion, anything becomes achievable. in any industry. .

What is TakaHisa? Well, it’s a Japanese Omakase restaurant located in Caesars Palace Dubai, offering an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant is built with the ideas and visions of two executive chefs, two sous chefs, general managers, managers and sommeliers, all Japanese providing authentic Japanese service.

TakaHisa is formed by the names of its two master chefs, named Takashi Namekata (Sushi Master Chef) and Hisao Ueda (Wagyu Master Chef). The restaurant offers a la carte special request, which is required in advance. Their sous chef is also a former chef of Ukaitei, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Japan. Their bartender, who won second place at the world championships and is the Japanese champion for the fourth consecutive year, will join TakaHisa in March this year. They have three great sommeliers in the restaurant who can help people match the right drink with their food.

Its Japanese Executive Chefs and General Managers have lived in Dubai for over ten years and know how to make the most of the ingredients available in Dubai.

Aimi Shibuya, owner of the restaurant, has taken a step further into the entrepreneurial world with the restaurant, which has become a success in a short time, being visited by several celebrities and famous personalities. Aimi Shibuya is a prime example of beauty with brains, running her other business ventures around the world, including a medical beauty salon that offers Japanese beauty treatments in Singapore. She is also an investor in many catering companies.

TakaHisa offers the best wagyu beef and sushi in Dubai, where the seafood comes from Toyosu Market. He has truly delivered amazing dining experiences to people, and the team aims to continue to do so for years to come. Follow her on Instagram @helloshibuya_3.