November 26, 2022

Japanese restaurant Hide Yamamoto to reopen in Studio City


Melco Resorts & Entertainment has announced the reopening of the upscale Japanese restaurant Hide Yamamoto in Studio City starting this Friday, November 19.

The restaurant was founded by Chef Yamamoto, trained under the prestigious French chef Roger Verge, the man who pioneered the Nouvelle Cuisine movement in France in the 1960s. Chef Yamamoto had the honor of participating at the inaugural lunches of three generations of American presidents: Reagan, Bush and Clinton, and guests of Studio City can once again enjoy a diverse Japanese dining experience created by the famous chef.

The restaurant is run by a team of seasoned chefs, using fresh seafood and seasonal produce from Japan to produce Edomae sushi, teppanyaki and modern robatayaki specialties, presenting a gastronomic journey through the best of Japanese culinary art.

According to Melco’s announcement, Hide Yamamoto’s return will bring a new menu that includes cold dishes, hot dishes, sushi and sashimi, sushi rolls, robatayaki, teppanyaki, rice and desserts. Guests can also choose from a seven-course teppanyaki menu or an eight-course premium sushi menu, while signature dishes include Japanese beef specialty Oita Wagyu, sea urchin wrapped in Wagyu beef tempura, sea bream and the maki roll with marinated plums and Toro and shallots Maki roll, spring chicken stuffed with truffle butter rice, teppanyaki sea urchin omelet, Kamameshi grilled eel, as well as Ichigo parfait and frozen jelly with matcha ice cream.

Hide Yamamoto is committed to making environmentally and socially responsible decisions in terms of sourcing ingredients and offers certified and sustainable seafood such as salmon, Boston lobster and silver cod on the menu. which is Melco’s commitment to sustainability.

Hide Yamamoto’s reopening comes just days after Melco hosted a closing ceremony for Studio City Phase 2, which is slated to open in December 2022.