May 18, 2022

Edo – Redditch’s first Japanese restaurant opens near Kingfisher Center and looks amazing

All eyes were on Tokyo for the Olympics – but now a town in Worcestershire has its own taste of Japan.

The very first Japanese restaurant opened in Redditch.

Edo now serves tasty food in The Quadrant in the city center, near the Kingfisher Center.

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It should get a boost from the Olympics, as the country’s TV footage will whet people’s appetites and get them to try Japanese cuisine.

Besides being tasty, Japanese food is known to be very healthy and nutritious as the country has one of the highest longevity rates in the world.

Edo takes its name from a period in Japanese history from 1603 to 1867, when the country was peaceful and prosperous and its culinary culture spread and developed.

Struggling to find suitable premises in Worcestershire, the owners of the company, Zensho Ltd , hiring estate agent John Truslove, on behalf of Birmingham-based investor Real Estate Investors, to find a unit.

Zensho Director Dongehun Wang said: “We are delighted with the welcome we have received from our customers and very happy with the support from Ben Truslove and the team at John Truslove who have helped us every step of the way. opening process of our new restaurant. . “

Inside the restaurant, the decor is traditional from Japan and the food also reflects what a typical Japanese dinner would have.

The exterior of the Edo restaurant

On the menu, kimchi (fermented vegetables) at £ 3.50, takoyaki (octopus spheres) at £ 5.20, a fried tempura platter at £ 13.96 and a wide variety of sushi and sushi rolls, from £ 3.20.

Jack Sears, of Real Estate Investors, said the fact that Edo chose to open in Redditch during a pandemic was a good sign.

“We are always excited to be able to support start-ups and delighted that they have opened Redditch’s first Japanese restaurant at one of our properties,” he said.

“It is encouraging to see the retail and food industry starting to recover from a scorching 2020. “

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