August 12, 2022

Do you like Japanese cuisine? Solaire Resort reopens the authentic Japanese restaurant Yakumi

Jan Milo Severo –

November 3, 2021 | 2:16 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines РAuthentic Japanese restaurant Yakumi recently reopened at Solaire Resort in Para̱aque City with safety guidelines in place.

In an exclusive interview with, Solaire’s vice president for food and beverage, Bastian Breuer, said the Yakumi’s main advantage over competitors is the authenticity of their menus.

“This restaurant is entirely Japanese. It’s a question of freshness and variety. We have a huge variety of items, from sushi, sashimi, yakitori, to a huge variety of items. As you can see, we do a lot of fresh brunch items, ”Breuer said.

The restaurant has also closed its private rooms and converted them into kitchen theaters for patrons to see how their food is prepared.

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“Usually private rooms are booked. Now for brunch, we’ve decided to turn them into kitchen theaters. It’s all about craftsmanship. We don’t do much at the back of the house, everything is done in front of the guests to show the chef’s freshness and know-how, ”explained Breuer.

“It was very important to us – we want the guests to feel and see the freshness and the tempura is on the other side. Yes, freshly made tempura,” he added.

Breuer said beef and seafood dishes are the most popular on the menu. Ramen is also available.

“I mean I would challenge you to try every dish, but you won’t be able to… But yeah, it’s a really nice variety here,” he said.

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Solar Yakumi

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He said that now that it is “Ber” months, they felt it was the perfect time to relaunch the restaurant.

“We felt it was now to relaunch it, of course, with everything that complies with safety regulations. We check the vaccination records, there is social distancing. As you can see the customer can’t really touch the food … We make sure there is no cross contamination or infection so we thought the time was right ”, did he declare.

Breuer added that customers should be fully vaccinated for dining out. Their staff are also fully vaccinated.

“Everyone must be vaccinated. We check the vaccination certificate, (customers should be) fully vaccinated. Of course, the face shield and the face shield without a doubt (are mandatory). All of our team members are vaccinated, ”he said.