December 11, 2022

Celebrations. KAI-Sushi Bar: the first certified Japanese restaurant in Kenya.

Japan has the highest life expectancy of any country in the world according to various sources. The average life expectancy of a Japanese is 83.7 years (female 86.8 and male 80.5). The secret? Their food.

The traditional Japanese diet is said to be largely fresh and unprocessed, with very little refined food or sugar. It is low in fat, which brings good effects to their long life, well, who wouldn’t want to live that long?

KAI – The Sushi Bar, located at Marsabit Plaza on Ngong rd recently held a celebratory gathering which was honored by His Excellency, Kitagawa Yasuhisa Acting Chargé d’Affaires of Japan to the Republic of Kenya, and various content creators leading social media. KAI has been certified as one of the authentic Japanese restaurants overseas that offers safe and high-quality Japanese cuisine, something worth celebrating. The influencers present had a great time tasting different Japanese cuisines and learning more about Japanese culture.

Guests had the opportunity to taste and enjoy the restaurant’s unique, exciting and delicious menu, which included plenty of sushi, soba, sashimi and more. The restaurant’s signature dishes include ginger pork: thin slices of pork dressed in a delicate mirin sauce, soy sauce, sake (Japanese rice wine), granola oil mixed with minced onions and ginger, Tempura which is shellfish, fish, chicken, or vegetables covered in a savory batter and fried until they reach the perfect level of crunch, and Ebi Mayo which is a dish of prawns (prawns) which is usually fried and then coated in various delicious sauces.

Japanese Food Supporter Certification Ceremony (JETRO), a government agency that promotes the export of Japanese products to the world, has a mission to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, in order to promote Japanese food as a healthy food in Kenya, JETRO has decided to support Japanese restaurants that meet the criteria by issuing a certificate. KAI is officially the first restaurant to be certified in Kenya, a huge major win in the hospitality industry.

Japanese cuisine is rich in various vegetables and soybeans. Research has confirmed that these plant foods are less likely to cause high blood pressure. Additionally, fermented foods such as miso and natto, which are an integral part of the Japanese diet, have also been shown to be beneficial in the fight against arteriosclerosis.