December 11, 2022

A fish served in a Japanese restaurant grabs a chopstick in a viral video

There is no end to mind-blowing content on the internet and we have brought you one that is as surprising as you would have imagined. There are so many people in the world who don’t mind eating raw meat or bugs in the name of authenticity. Similarly, Japan is a country that has also proven that raw fish is actually beneficial to our health. Although, despite this discovery, what you may have heard the most about is Sushi, a dish that has now gone around the world. However, did you know that some Japanese restaurants also serve whole fish or other seafood on their menu, raw and probably even live?

Yes, you heard right. In light of this, a video has made its way to social media, featuring a whole raw fish being served on a plate. However, what surprised netizens is that as the video progressed, the fish was seen opening its mouth and grabbing the rod. The incident happened at a restaurant in Yanagawa, Japan, according to the post’s caption.

Originally posted on Instagram by user Takahiro, the now-viral video took viewers by shock. It was later shared by an Instagram user named Rashid Alsuwaidi. In the short clip, we can see a plate decorated with salad leaves and two fish. The person recording the video took a stick and placed it over the fish’s mouth to show it was grabbing the stick.


The video has garnered over 118,000 views so far and several comments from netizens expressing their shock over it.

Here are some reactions:

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