Use your credit card to earn miles

More than a day to day facility, you can use your credit card to earn miles! The alternative allows the accumulation of points with the simplest purchases, such as a coffee in the bakery. Then the consumer only needs to exchange the accumulated for air tickets.

Using the card for such advantage programs is often quite simple. This is because the operators of the device want to stimulate consumption. So, nothing better than offering benefits, right?

Consumption, by the way, is the main point for the accumulation of miles. When adopting such a program, the consumer needs to change habits, and always prioritize the use of credit. That is, for large or small purchases, at a large store or at the corner grocery store, payment must be made by card.

Even though the local Cashier often strikes the practice for a low value, this discharge will ensure your success in the program. Especially because it often requires the accumulation of many points to exchange for tickets.


Credit card to earn miles: how to choose?

Credit card to earn miles: how to choose?

Before choosing a credit card, it is also interesting to research it. What are the benefits of the device? What mode of conversion does he offer?

Some carriers, in addition to the exchange for air tickets, allow you to use the accumulated to exchange for promotional vouchers or products cheaper than the market price.

Using your credit card to earn miles can be a great way to save money and better plan your trip.

Point conversion also needs to be well analyzed. Usually 1 mile is earned for every dollar spent. When the related amounts are lower than these, the expenses required to earn points may not be worth it.

Imagine wanting a $ 1,000 airfare, but having to spend $ 1,500. The operation would not be worth it. Unless expenses of $ 1,500 were really necessary and the miles program appeared only as an extra benefit.

In addition, it is essential to pay attention to the maturity of the points. It is common for card operators to expire the accumulated in two years. To prevent the gathering from being done in vain, you must use the miles before they cease to exist.


How to exchange points?

credit card

Some credit card companies have partnerships with airlines, and the card is already associated with a ticket exchange mode. In other situations, however, it is necessary for the consumer to choose the company with which to accumulate miles and get their travels.

The frequent flyer programs offered in Brazil are usually directly linked to aviation companies, although there are companies that work with all options. For example: Left Multi is from LATAM, Arigo is from Avianca, SaveAzul is from Azul and ThinkSmile is from Gol. Therefore, in addition to analyzing the advantages of trading, it is interesting to evaluate the company with which you want to fly.

Tracking mileage accrual through your smartphone can make it easy to redeem points and consumer planning.

In many cases, the conversion of points into tickets may be done by the creditor or airline application. To know the way of doing each company, the consumer should contact the companies.



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