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The number of microentrepreneurs has only increased, driving the economy of the country. If you intend to open or expand your own business, you can count on the support of Microcredit. Learn how to hire!

Microcredit can leverage your business.

Microcredit is a credit that the Bank makes available so that you can purchase goods and equipment or make minor renovations and extensions, in addition to using cash flow (working capital) in your business.

is one of the leading financial institutions that offers this feature to both individual entrepreneurs and microenterprises.

How Microcredit Works

How Microcredit Works

Microcredit works as a loan facility to finance the productive activities of small businesses. It is a program driven and stimulated by the government.

The product offered is aimed at:

  • people who work informally and have no proof of income
  • microenterprises with small annual revenues and find it difficult to approve the loan to expand their business

The institution offers the facility of contracting the services; specialized team to guide and clarify all doubts (National Program of Oriented Microcredit – PNMPO); Credit Opening Fee (TAC) financed and included in the value of the operation; You can also borrow a new microcredit whenever you finish repaying the previous one.

Conditions to contract Microcredit

Conditions to contract Microcredit

Conditions for hiring are facilitated and documentation reviews are often very quick.

Firstly the bank Credit Agent will go to the establishment to conduct an analysis and verify the financial needs of the business. After this custom visit, the Agent will determine the amount that will be released for the loan.

You do not need to be a bank account holder to apply for the loan.

Deadlines for the payment of Microcredit

Deadlines for the payment of Microcredit

In addition to the interest rate which is one of the most expensive among competitors, the bank charges an opening fee to release credit of 3% on the contract value. On the other hand, it offers the PMO as a return so that the worker can be better oriented in his business.

For more information about loan amount or time to repay the debt, the ideal is to go to the bank and quote, because the bank does not provide this information via the Internet.

How to contract microcredit

How to contract microcredit

To contract microcredit simply fill out an online form through the site and wait for the bank to return. If you are an account holder your request will be forwarded to your branch, otherwise the bank will forward to the nearest branch.


Be sure to research and compare the credit offers that other institutions offer. Remember, one of the banks with this credit line option, but there are always other options.

Want to know other interesting proposals to improve your business? Be sure to check out this other post where we talk only about microcredit. Also, on our site you can make a simulation and find the institution that offers the lowest interest loan for you!



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