May 18, 2022

Legoland Japan Resort officially opens the Legoland Japan hotel

The Legoland Japan Hotel is now open at the Legoland Japan Resort.

Legoland Japan Resort opened its Legoland Japan hotel on April 28, alongside its Legoland Japan theme park and Sea Life Nagoya.

The Legoland Japan Hotel allows guests to experience the world of Legoland day and night. The hotel floors are made up of five themes: Pirate, Adventure, Ninjago, Kingdom and Friend’s Kingdom. Guests will be able to explore each theme as soon as they enter each floor.

Each room has a special children’s room which includes a TV and a treasure chest. The restaurant on the second floor offers alcoholic drinks and authentic cuisine, as well as a children’s play area, so the whole family can enjoy their time together.

The grand opening ceremony began with the appearance of ten Lego figures and five children in costumes to match each theme of the hotel floors.

“Legoland Japan Resort is the only place in Japan where you can experience the world of Lego all day long and share the excitement with your family,” said Torben Jensen, President of Legoland Japan. “I can’t wait for many families to have a special time and make lasting memories at Legoland Japan Resort.”

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