May 18, 2022

Japan travel restrictions: Japan announces strict quarantine measure for those traveling from India, more due to omicron

Japan has announced that people arriving from India, Romania, Greece and four other US states will be subject to strict quarantine vigilance. It has taken such a step to curb the spread of the new variant of COVID-19, Omicron.

According to the latest reports, anyone traveling from these countries will now have to undergo strict quarantine measures upon arrival in Japan. In addition, Japanese nationals as well as foreign residents, traveling from Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota and New York to Japan, will be required to spend three days of their two-week quarantine at government-designated facilities.


Referring to this, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said that with the new cases of Omicron in the country and to curb the spread, a government task force made the said decision to control the growing number of new cases. of variants in Japan.

The list of countries from which travelers will undergo a mandatory three-day quarantine at government-designated facilities include Austria, Ecuador and France. While those from the recent list of countries, including India, Greece, the Roman state and four other US states, will be subject to strict quarantine requirements, such as staying in government-designated facilities for more than 10 days.

Reports say the first Omicron case was reported in Japan on Tuesday. This has led the country to deny the return of all foreigners, including those with long-term visas, who recently visited one of Africa’s 10 countries. In addition, the country has now banned new entries of foreigners from around the world.