Black Friday – Learn How To Enjoy It Without Debt

Black friday is coming and promotions are popping up in email, SMS and television. For many products, it is worth tracking prices and preparing, in other cases the advantage is small.

Even though many stores do lightning promotions, we can’t buy on impulse and end up creating unnecessary debt. Below are the top tips for not falling into a trap:

Black Friday is not for everyone

Black Friday is not for everyone

Are you tracking the values ​​of a mobile device, a mobile or even a home appliance? This may be the perfect time to buy! If you know the average price of a product or service at other times of the year, see if it’s worth buying at black friday. In many cases the consumer does not keep up with price fluctuations and, when it reaches black friday, thinks it is taking advantage. This happens when stores do not give very advantageous discounts, but advertising fills the eyes and we think it is a disappointment.

In such cases, buy only if you really need the product or service. Securing a discount for something that is in your plans is the best situation. Never buy on impulse or think discount is advantageous when it is not.

Black Friday or Black Fraud ?

Black Friday or Black Fraud ?

Most consumers dubbed Black Friday in Brazil Black Fraud. This is because stores raise prices a few days earlier, on the day of black friday give discounts. So keep track of the values ​​and conditions of products you really need.

Another point is that, thinking it is an advantage, we buy ‘cat for hare’. Do you know that email promotion with a very large $ 9.90 and small letters? You buy thinking that this is the final value, when it is actually the value of the parcel. Be very careful ! Check all conditions before checkout. Also, buy only from reputable, reputable websites of your own. Online stores can appear with incredible but fraudulent prices.



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